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Edwards Station: Now offering 4 Electric Car Charging Station

by host on Thursday, February 26, 2015 4:56 PM

Edwards Station – which which recently completed a $2 million car wash and access expansion– is pleased to announce that it now offers four electric car chargers, making it the first gas station in Eagle County to provide this environmentally friendly service.

The four Edwards Station chargers were made by ChargePoint, makers of the nation’s largest network of electric vehicle chargers. Compatible with all car models, the Edwards StationChargePoint stations feature the latest in technology, including the ability for drivers to access a wide variety of metrics through a smart phone app - such as favorite charger locations,electrical usage and mileage, plus mobile pay technology.

In celebration of Edwards Station redevelopment, the chargers will be free until April 1st. After that, they will cost $1 per hour.

Also opening this month at Edwards Station is the newDiamond Shine Express Wash,which is three times faster than the previous wash, while delivering a superior finish.

The new attended tunnel-style car wash will use soft foam brushes and rollers, along with reformulated, green soaps to better remove magnesium chloride in the winter and insects in the summer.The Edwards Station re-development also includes 15 additional customer parking spaces, five new customer vacuum spaces, an improved entrance/exit and widened turning areas.

“We are very excited to be the first Eagle County gas station to offer this great service to the public,”

said Chris Dudar, OperationsManager for Edwards Station.“The ChargePoint stations are very user-friendly and offer the latest and greatest in electric vehicle charging technology.”


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